Letter From the Editor

This issue marks my second to last issue of Talon, but what’s more interesting is that this is the second-to-last issue of Talon in...
Students snack on soup and sandwiches for the night from the Salvation Army truck.

No place for these students to call home

BY KAITLYN LEWIS Dr. Lana Wachniak, one of Homelessness Awareness Week’s founders, stood in the cold, windy weather outside of the Social Sciences Building...

Student Group Says No to Rape Culture

YESBody! confronts gender discrimination BY BETH WARD “When I was in college, a male student sexually assaulted five women in my dorm and raped...

A KSU professor shares her story, offers hope to students with anxiety

Patricia Grindel lets us all know we’re not alone when we feel anxious or depressed BY ALEX MOORE While sitting aboard a plane to San...

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Courtesy Matt Boggs, The Sentinel

KSU Hockey emerges strong after hiatus

Jackson Walsh, contributor Kennesaw State’s hockey program joins the plethora of excitement surrounding Owl athletics,  growing in popularity and even becoming a winning team....

SPSU/KSU Consolidation Suggestion Box

Only if you’ve been residing under a rock might you not know that Southern Polytechnic State University and Kennesaw State are in the process...

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Letter from the Editor

I’m noticing a pattern in the general education history class I’m taking (2112) reflecting in student media. The “Reform Darwinism” we study in history...
Steve Krontz wears Google Glass during graduation from the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University during the summer of 2014. Photo courtesy Steve Krontz.

Through the Google Looking Glass

KSU’s BrainLab partners with Google as ‘early explorer’ of Glass to help ‘lockedin’ patients. By Jessica Fisher Technology some of us thought we would never see...