ABOUT KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENT MEDIA (KSUSM) Kennesaw State University, KSUSM oversees the student organizations that are Talon Student Feature Magazine, the student newspaper, The Sentinel, Share Art & Literary Magazine, and OWL Radio, KSU’s streaming station, as well as their online counterparts. KSUSM also manages the Student Handbook & Planner, The OC Street Team, and all

Talon: History

Talon timeline: a rough history of the Kennesaw State University student feature magazine from its beginnings as a yearbook to its present Ellen Eldridge Kennesaw State University | Fall 2013 This paper is part of a project created for the student media office and student media adviser Ed Bonza as an attempt to collect and organize

The KSUSM History Project: Talon Magazine

These videos accompany the written portion of the history of Talon, available here: http://www.ksutalon.com/history/ The KSUSM History Project Talon Feature Magazine Noelle Davis (formerly Gregg) talks about naming and reviving the Kennesaw State University feature magazine, naming it Talon. She was Editor in Chief of Talon in 2002 while she was a student in the Master

Beyond Gimmicks: Why Andy Kindler Hates Dumb Comedy

By: Daniel Lumpkin Photos By: Travis Clark   Standup, like most anything else, has good nights and bad nights. Maybe the comedian is a little jetlagged from his flight or had some bad sushi or any other common, everyday issue that would throw off a performer. These things happen. Everybody has bad nights in comedy. But then (ominous “dun-dun-dun”) there are the

Georgia: A State of Immigrants?

By: Richie Essenburg   The idea that the United States is “a nation of immigrants” is a big problem for some people. While the phrase came into being sometime during the 1960s, its implication and meaning extends as far back to the foundations of this country and certainly resonates today. The immigration issue seems to make its way into nearly every other. Some

Obama “I was ready for change”

By: Meghan de St. Aubin   Rachel Goff graduated college in 2010 with hope. The kind of hope that was promised by a bright young presidential candidate that won over America. Goff was one of the many college students across America who became an advocate for hope and change; two things Barrack Obama stood behind. Goff felt confident in her choice on

I Love You, Now Pass The Remote

By: Brenna Crowder   Ah, love, that most elusive and frustrating emotion. Musicians sing about it, artists try to paint it, countless books, movies and magazines find their true purpose in decoding and celebrating that holy grail of sentiments. You’d think with all that material at our fingertips, most of us would be a pint-sized better at it.   Love, that

UNSTABLE: A Memoir Of A Bipolar Student

  A GLANCE INTO THE REALITY OF LIVING WITH MANIC DEPRESSION By: Chris Pope  Photo By: Steven Welch Bipolar I sat in the waiting room of the psychiatric facility, feet tapping rapidly. The lights were fluorescent, walls painted a dull color. Something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. That’s why I was there. Things were bad even when things were


By: Ben Poplin   Zach King is a 21-year-old student at Kennesaw State University who is double majoring in Jazz Performance Studies and International Business. He sits in his bedroom, each wall adorned with a different band poster. A shrine containing concert  tickets hangs adjacent to his closet. To his right sits a studio that he built himself over the

The Bachelor Dating “To-Dont’s”

By: Kristen Hale   Conjure up where you were a few weeks ago, precisely at 7:59 p.m. on a Monday night. Do you remember where you were? Probably hitting the “record” button on your DVR as you settled in to watch your guilty pleasure “The Bachelor” on ABC. Maybe you noshed on popcorn, dark chocolate, or even better, sipped on a